Rescuing Healthcare

Healthcare is breaking.

It's contentious and politicized - and in crisis.

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We've researched it. We've thrown money at it. We've offered one solution after another. We've debated and legislated - passionately and aggressively. And it's still in crisis. But it doesn't have to stay that way.

We've tried just about everything ... except one thing: we haven't defined the leadership it's going to take to rescue healthcare. Nothing is more vital to rescuing healthcare than having the right people in the right places exercising the right leadership.

And that can happen ... Rescuing Healthcare offers to the key players in healthcare a clear, compelling leadership prescription, whatever their role - as providers, administrators, policy makers, regulators, or any other stakeholder.

And for the rest of us as healthcare consumers (current and future patients!), Rescuing Healthcare shows us what kind of leadership we should expect - so these leaders make healthcare everything we want it to be.

Whatever your role in healthcare, there has never been a time when your leadership mattered more. Rescuing Healthcare will guide you on the path to great leadership - and equip you with the confidence and knowledge to exercise it.

This is the crucial next step in your transformation as a healthcare leader - and the vital next step in the transformation of healthcare itself.

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Antony Bell

Antony Bell

Founder and CEO of LeaderDevelopment Inc.

Denis A. Cortese, MD

Denis A. Cortese, MD

Emeritus President & CEO of the Mayo Clinic

Why We Wrote This Book

We wrote Rescuing Healthcare because it needs rescuing! Healthcare is in deep trouble. The good news is that there is a growing momentum to measure healthcare delivery in terms of the value it provides rather than the processes it delivers (whether they work or not). With a growing consensus to see better outcomes at lower costs, we’ve reached a turning point in the healthcare debate.

But in all this debate, there is one crucial question that’s been overlooked: what kind of leadership will it take to maintain and build this momentum? If we don’t clarify the kind of leadership it will take—and who needs to provide it—healthcare will get worse, not better.

In Rescuing Healthcare, we review what healthcare should be providing us, and why it isn’t. But most importantly, we address the leadership it will take to provide it—without which every solution, however good, is an academic exercise with little impact.

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