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    Your Leadership Matters—to You and to Healthcare!

    Jan 25, 2017

    Leadership matters! Leaders stand on the fulcrum of events, and they tip the balance for either good or ill. They don't always create the events, but they always define the response. It may not be the only variable, but it is the critical one—whether in a hospital, a business or a non-profit, whether in politics, government or education. Whether good or bad, leadership matters.

    Leadership Is Contagious

    All leadership—good or bad—is contagious. With the power of an epidemic, bad leadership begets bad behavior. Were Hitler and Stalin alone in their abuses? Far from it: they attracted leaders like them, and if they hadn’t, they would most likely be footnotes in history instead of the morbid focus of a gruesome legacy.

    By the same token, good leadership begets good behavior. “Courage,” Billy Graham once said, “is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.” In contrast to Hitler and Stalin, leaders like Washington, Adams, King Jr., Lincoln, and Mother Theresa attracted very different kinds of leaders—with a very different kind of impact … just as extensive, but very different.

    So all leadership, good or bad, is contagious … in healthcare as much as anywhere

    Leadership Matters to Your Healthcare Career

    Great careers are built on great leadership, not great expertise. A successful career is by definition, a leadership career, even if you came into healthcare with a specific functional expertise—accounting, finance, law, engineering, or, of course, medicine. You may be a physician or a nurse, but gone are the days when your success was solely a function of your medical competence. The complexity of today’s global economy has thrust leadership into the hands of functional experts, yet their functional training has ill-prepared them for the leadership their roles require. But lack of preparation doesn’t diminish its importance for you personally: more than ever, a successful healthcare career will be a leadership career.

    . . . Not to mention the impact on your organization. As you pursue great leadership and spread its practice around you, your organization will be transformed. Every organization stands or falls on the quality of its leadership.

    You worked hard to acquire your functional expertise. So now work hard to acquire your leadership expertise. You need it. Your organization needs it. Healthcare needs it.

    Leadership Matters to Healthcare

    As you grow as a leader, don’t underestimate the impact you can have on healthcare and its transformation. For some time, we have been asking the wrong questions:

    • How do we put the patient at the center of healthcare delivery?
    • How do we create a delivery system based on value?
    • How do we create a healthcare learning system?

    Instead, we should be framing the questions as leadership questions:

    • Who will lead the drive to put the patient at the center of healthcare delivery?
    • Who will lead the creation a delivery system based on value?
    • Who will lead the creation a healthcare learning system?

    As you pursue great leadership, you will inevitably be asking the right set of questions.  And whatever your role—doctor, nurse, pharmacist, hospital administrator, project manager, systems engineer, supply chain professional, financial officer, business executive, legislator, or regulator—you are part of the answer.  You are among those who stand on the fulcrum of healthcare reform.  Your leadership matters

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