Rescuing Healthcare

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  • In Rescuing Healthcare, co-authors Antony Bell and Dr. Denis Cortese achieve the astonishing feat of packing several thought-provoking books into one, all in the space of merely 220 pages. The book is part tutorial on the nature of transformational leadership, with insights and lessons that span organizational paradigms and circumstances. In addition, their book contains a searching critique of the philosophical, human, financial, and institutional foibles of our fragile and misguided healthcare system which has lost its way. The authors argue convincingly that by failing to place the well-being of patients at the heart of the enterprise, our system befuddles, frustrates, and even frightens those it ostensibly is designed to serve. In their most telling criticism, Bell and Cortese contend that our system is woefully shortsighted because it concentrates principally on treating patients’ illnesses instead of preventing medical problems and keeping people healthy. Rescuing Healthcare could become a game-changer by inspiring a generation of transformational leaders – providers, payers, policymakers and patients alike – with the vision, courage, savvy and resolve to create a 21st century system truly devoted to the health of the American people.

    Hugh B. Price

    Former President and CEO of the National Urban League, former visiting professor in the
    Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University, former non-resident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution

  • Getting more for our health care dollars should be one of the nation's highest priorities, with credible estimates suggesting that we spend as much as 5 percent of our gross domestic product on health care that doesn't improve outcomes. And yet, in some sense, we already know how to attack this problem: as Cortese and Bell emphasize in this well-written book, some healthcare systems already do it. The problem is that such high-quality, high-value care is scattered and it needs to be universal, which in turn requires the leadership called for by Cortese and Bell. You may not agree with everything in this book, but it's important to read if you care about the healthcare your family receives and the economic and fiscal future of the United States.

    Peter R. Orszag

    Former Director of the Office of Management and Budget

  • We need a health revolution to provide people with better outcomes, with greater convenience, at lower cost. Rescuing healthcare will take leadership and bold thinking - exactly what this book provides.

    Steve Case

    Co-founder of AOL & Chairman of Revolution & The Case Foundation

  • One of America’s most eminent medical executives and a highly-regarded thought leader in leadership have given us a masterful overview of healhcare leadership and how to improve it. Rescuing Healthcare gets straight to the point, with a sharp diagnosis of our ills and a clear vision of where healthcare needs to go. Drawing on a lifetime of experience, Dr. Cortese and Antony Bell offer a detailed strategy to unite your organization around a common purpose, improve patient care, and succeed in a value-based environment.

    Toby Cosgrove

    MD CEO and President, Cleveland Clinic

  • Bell and Cortese clearly articulate the central importance of leadership to achieving high value, patient-centric health and wellness, as well as why it is so difficult, in the complex adaptive system of healthcare delivery. A compelling read for anyone who hopes to contribute to and experience the transformation of the US system of healthcare delivery.

    William B. Rouse

    Ph.D., Alexander Crombie Humphreys Chair of Economics of Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology;
    Member, National Academy of Engineering; Author, Understanding and Managing the Complexity of Healthcare (MIT Press)

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Sep 25, 2017

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